About us


The Hampton Emergency Squad consists of 18 active EMTs, 8 Non-EMT Probationary members, and 6 Drivers. Our members respond to over 600 calls a year, attend meetings, drills, and classes every month. We are always looking for new members to join our ranks, you can find an application here.

Primary coverage consists of Hampton, Glen Gardner, and parts of Bethlehem Twp. Our Mutual Aid coverage area consists of Lebanon Twp, Washington Twp, and Franklin Twp

Our station participates in the county-wide mutual aid program in which squads can call on each other to provide logistical support during times of overwhelming demand. We are grateful to our mutual aid partners, High Bridge Emergency Squad, Lebanon Twp Fire/EMS, Washington EMS, Clinton Rescue, Pattenburg Rescue Squad, and Hunterdon's North County EMS Partnership for their help over the years. 

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